Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And a new day has begun

The foundation of EOC Africa has been laid with a secretariat, a starting capital and firm commitments of people who have expressed the desire to spearhead the initiative, beginning in their own spheres of influence. 

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  1. The conference and the school has been so important to my life and my history. It has changed the way of my thinking, it transformed me. I am now looking at business in a different perspective.
    I have learned the culture of giving, though I knew it before, but now in a different way. I have learned how to forgive as a gift and its importance in business. I have learned also how important is trust and relationship in business. I have learned the importance of Poverty in EOC and Christian life as whole.
    That a true EOC business must start with building relationship, putting the human person at the center. That true EOC must generate wealth for the needy, not "helping" them but "giving them the hand" so that they can help themselves.
    The EOC is a one of our practical way to love, to see Jesus in others who said "I was angry, you give me food, I was needy, you give me your hand."
    Thank you all, in unity.