Thursday, February 3, 2011


“The forum has been intellectually stimulating from the very first day. Thank you to your service to Africa!”

“This has been a very thrilling conference; It has enabled me to discover that I can be able to share the profits of my company with the underprivileged community within my neighborhood and be able to transform their livelihood; It gives me great joy that I can make the world a better place for someone elsewhere.”

“The EOC is another mustard seed. It has enlightened and enforced my convictions that too often we pay lip service to the human dimension of business. With the EOC perspective, humanity stands to benefit from its own resources.”


“The EOC has been of help to me to know how firms/organizations can play a big part of the welfare of the people surrounding them. It has also taught me to be socially responsible -- no matter how little I have, it will make a difference in the society in which I am living.”

“Vedo che e’ una questione di cambiare dentro il nostro modo di gestire I beni che ci arrivano o che produciamo; il nostro modo di “essere”. L’EdC e’ prima di tutto lavorare alle relazioni con gli altri e voler dare a chi ne ha bisogno, sensibilizzare e formare “uomini nuovi” cominciando con noi stessi.”


“The experiences of John Mundell and Teresa Ganzon have pushed me further to abandon the mind of risk aversiveness to a more risk-taking one, putting in mind the role of the culture of giving and the importance of relationship in business. ‘We are poor but we are many.’”

“The conference to me, has in great depth sinked in my thoughts many issues concerning humanity and poverty. I have been touched by the presentation of Genevieve through Lily. I have learned the importance of sharing whatever little we have with others, especially the poor. I am also happy to understand the definition of poverty and how we can deal with it.”


“I gratefully appreciate and grateful to CUEA and EOC Commission for organizing the conference. It is an eye opener, a discovery of what the economy is in the right sense of the word. Moreover, putting the person at the center of the economy is a new way of this aspect.”

“Through the conference I have learned how to contribute to make the world a better place to live, by embracing the culture of giving. I have learned that the system of education we adopt in our society is key to improving our lives. The EOC has indicated in me a special concept of richness of being.”

“Yes, in Africa it will start, with me and in my smallest community, my family. It will start with sharing of what I call small; a smile, a piece of food left at the table, a cloth put aside in the drawer, and I shall build a culture of listening, to everyone in need. We shall put and bring back the “obuntu” humanity in the middle of EOC.”

“The conference was timely. It expanded my thinking. The concept of reciprocity to the community not only in terms of giving but adding value was very impressive.”


“The conference was an eye opener for me. I have been in business for almost 20 years but never thought of business in this way. For me now is a change of attitude and have a new beginning in my business.”

 “My impression is that Africa has a great gift for the world, yet to be realized. As Africa finds the “way” and comes to follow it, this gift will enrich the whole world and bring all countries and all people forward.”


  “I think the EOC provides the missing link on how to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor, by involving the poor in the creation or production of wealth, rather than just giving them aid. I hope all the participants take what we’ve learnt to our various communities.”

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  1. Thank you Lord for the birth of EoC in Africa. It will be a worldwide witness to the coming age of the third tract economy. Notwithstanding that Africa is pictured as the most impoverish nation of the world. There is wealth among people only when reciprocity is actively practiced. "involving the poor in the creation or production of wealth, rather than just giving them aid." The third tract economy will be a lesson to learn by the ultra-capitalist societies.